Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sun, Surf, and Sandsculptures

On Monday we spent the entire day on the beach, swimming, looking for shells, and doing a little beach art. (I'll post photos this weekend.) Even though we applied 50 suncreen a bazillion times we managed to get a little cooked, sooo.... yesterday we had a no sun day and found the local mall-- a nice diversion, but we'd rather be on the beach.

Today we're going to the pool this morning and the beach late in the afternoon-- we learn quickly. We plan to try our hand at a second beach art project this afternoon. Our inspiration came from finding cool sandscuptures covered in shells while on a moonlight stroll. There were mermaids, seahorses, turtles, and a relief of the island. Very fun! We're going to start small and try a starfish.

This has truly been a restful trip. Don even did a little moonlight fishing in the surf last night-- the only thing biting was the catfish, but he still had a great time.

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